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I think Tom Cruise is annoying especially when he’s on his Scientologist mode? I have seen some do*entary film about Scientology and I have a bad feeling about them.

I am anno* by Tom Cruise period. I don't know why. He hasn't done anything to me personally (duh) so I really don't know why. The Scientology thing, I didn't bother knowing because I'm scared that it will ruin Katie Holmes for me, which I don't want because I really, really like her. Ugh. I wish they didn't get married at all. Tom Cruise is such a...unlikeable person.

I think I found a link on Aljazeera live in their facebook page that says something about “Scientology exposed”. For me, the article can be summed up into saying that “Scientology is a cult”. I got weird feelings towards them too! And I think Katie Holmes did the worst mistake of her life by marrying Tom... or did they truly marry??

Yeah there is something wrong there. And there is something wrong with Scientology. Everything about them shouts cult. And I think they use their celebrity members to recruit people to join them. L Ron Hubbard was a great Sci-Fi author but that’s the only great thing he has become. I believe he died as a *gitive.

I think there is something about Tom Cruise that is just plain annoying. Movie actors have some weird and annoying moments but Tom Cruise was like living an aggravating lifestyle. He is one of the actors in movies that you will watch but when you check on how he is in real life, it’s weird.


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