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How come there are so many celebrities and stars that take their own lives? I thought that living the life they have was a dream for a lot of people but these people seem so sad for them to commit suicide.

I particularly love River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain, both of whom took their lives at the zenith of their careers.

Most actors and musicians are artistic in nature and are tormented. There are times their fame actually aggravate their depression and inner turmoil. There are also times that it could be drug- or alcohol-induced. We can only theorize because we weren't part of their lives as their friends or kin. It's such saddening to think about them and how people could have saved them if these artists chose to be saved.

I agree with you. They have the life that most people wish to have. They can live wherever they want, they can travel, they can have all the cars they wish, and they basically have everything. But, let’s admit it money cannot buy happiness. Even if you are a top celebrity, you still tend to be depressed thus leading to suicide.

I think they can’t stand the stress of fame and maybe in some cases, they can feel their career slipping down and get too depressed and kill themselves. Some go crazy with too much money that they start dealing with stress by taking drugs and start doing extreme things.


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