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Why is it that Ellen’s show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is very success*l? Celebrities don't often make the best talk-show hosts but Ellen DeGeneres, whose daytime syndicated show came out last fall, has been a rare hit with both critics and audiences.

I think it's because of the approach Ellen is doing with her show. There's no other show who has the same approach. I also love how great the DJ is in supporting Ellen with the show. I mean that's gotta be hard because of the live audience and all. Plus, Ellen has such a personality that will never ever be boring.

I think Ellen DeGeneres is a very nice person. She laughs and makes a jokes undoubtedly and doesn't mind about being criticize. She's also very approachable and down to earth person, that's why everybody loves her. I also love her style in interviewing. She frequently makes this *nny faces and it's just so natural.

I like the Ellen De Generes show because it is so cool to watch. Maybe that is why it became a hit. You can perceive that she is not forcing the humor and she really is modest. I can’t see a show that is as entertaining as her show.

Ellen DeGeneres TV show is a big success because it gives inspiring and motivating experiences to its audience. Her charm, talent and uplifting views had earned great recognition to each of her viewers. She tackles issues that are very interesting to all types of viewers and she manages to have connection worldwide.


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