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I have heard that two Snow White films will be shown this 2012. Are you excited to see a bad-* Snow White pla* by Kristen Stewart or a sweet a comedic Snow White pla* by Lily Collins?

Even if I hate how Kirsten Stuart acts or - be even more consistent, not acts - I would love to see the twisted version of Snow White. I'd like to see how the story will be told. To be honest, there might not be much of a difference between the *nny version and the original animated one because the animated one is already *nny by nature. So, yeah, the twisted one with the girl with one facial reaction. That's the one I want to watch.

I sure hope it’s not going to be another Disney film. I want something serious and maybe a bit scary. I think they made something like some years ago with Sam Neil and Sigourney Weaver. I may be mistaken though perhaps it was a different fairy tale. Anyway, I just hope it’s a serious movie.

I would love to see both, but I’m looking forward to the new interpretation of Snow White that will be pla* by Kristen. I have seen the trailer and it was amazing! Lily’s version was more like Ella Enchanted, a comedic way of performing Snow White. I’ll watch it though because I want to see Julia Roberts.


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