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Did Macaulay Culkin go to college? He stopped acting when he was still very young and I haven’t heard anything about what he’s been up to, aside from being friends with Michael Jackson and dating Mila Kunis for 11 years before breaking up.

oh! i like Macaulay culkin he is one of my favorite child actor before,i watch the Home alone that he is the lead in this movie, i hope that he will come back to showbizness again to do more great movies, he is a very good actor.

Macaulay could have been one of the best movie actors because he showed that he was talented even when he was just a kid. I think he is having some dilemma, as I have seen in a news program that he looks stick thin. I cannot even believe he dated Mila Kunis. I wish he gets back on track and have new movies.


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