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In your opinion, is there a better performer and artist than Michael Jackson? I’m not a fan but I think he was really good at what he did.

Every artist is good in his own right it just so happened that Michael Jackson is the first pop star ever so we cannot forget all that he ever did. I am a fan but I am just saying what's really happening. Some people might say that he is the best. I agree but there are also other artists who are the best in their own field, too.

I agree with you. He was perfect in every aspect of his career, and information about Michael Jackson can attest to that. I saw the movie, This is It, and it showed him going over every musical pattern with tenacity. He wanted everything to be perfect. He was a dancer, an actor, and a singer or what pundits call a triple threat. In the field of female performers, my vote is divided between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce who are both triple threats and are accomplished businesswomen.


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