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I notice Whitney Houston’s death did not get the same drama and attention compared to Michael Jackson’s death. Did you know that some people actually think that Michael Jackson is still alive and faked his own death?

I guess it's because Whitney Houston's death occurred when there were also big events such as the New York Fashion Week and the Grammys. I am certain there will be more tributes that will pop up in other channels. Recent celebrity deaths have left the industry reeling no doubt. But what is this news about Michael Jackson faking his own death trying to say? I can't think of any reasons why he should do so. If he ever did fake his death, it would be troubling and a pity to those die-hard fans who grieved for him.

I agree, Whitney Houston’s death happened when the entire industry was busy with Awards Shows and Fashion Shows. Yes, there are tributes but the news was not that focused on her because people are looking forward to the events that are happening unlike when Michael died, it was all about him for more than a month.


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