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Mat Damon vs Ben Affleck


I think Mat Damon is a way better actor than Ben Affleck. The only movie that I liked with Ben Affleck in it was Good Will Hunting, which also had Matt Damon as the main character.

If we're talking about who's looks are hotter, it's hands down no questions asked, Ben Affleck. If we're talking about high caliber action and drama genre acting talent, round of applause be given to Matt Damon. You see, I think even we can't help but compare these two great Hollywood actors though they are stars from different genres and will never be at par in that matter, we should understand that they both have the x-factor in Hollywood film industry in their own ways.

I totally agree with GrewiaGreat. IF we are going to talk about good looks then Ben Affleck can bag it all. But if you are talking about the best movie actors in movies, then I would say Matt Damon. He has proved himself that he is one of the finest actors that producers will go after even if he gets older.


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